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    WEATHER influences agriculture in a profound way. Despite the technological advances, Indian farmers are mostly dependent on seasonal rains which are highly variable in time and space. Certain weather events such as depressions, drought, storms, floods and heat waves have severe effects on agricultural production. The impact of these events on farmers livelihood can be reduced if farmers have advance information about the probable occurrence of these events in their geographical locations. Thus weather forecasts are of great importance to agricultural activities. Rainfall, Solar radiation, Temperature and Relative Humidity are the most important elements that influence the crop growth and yields of all the crops. Weather elements decide sowing time , irrigation scheduling, incidence of pests and diseases, etc. Time to time monitoring of weather conditions and advance weather information will be immense use in planning day to day to agricultural operations.

    The State Agricultural Universities in collaboration with National center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), New Delhi are able to utilize these weather forecasts coupled with expert advises on crop planning, disease and pest incidences as well as different farm operations like fertilizer, pesticide applications etc. in developing timely weather based agro-advisories. These weather based agro-advisories can be used to take up prophylactic plant protection measures, fertilizer application, irrigation scheduling etc. These can also be used to take up appropriate measures in day to day field operations to minimize the risk involved in agricultural production.


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