Sugar Cane Information and Advisory System


                          (The systems are under preparation and we are providing a model of the system)

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    India is an agricultural based country. More than seventy percent of population in our country depends on agricultural. The productivity of the crops can be improved by avoiding the problems regarding pests, diseases etc.

    Sugarcane is an important commercial crop of Andhra Pradesh. It is grown under irrigated and rainfed conditions, widely in India in varied agro-climatic conditions. It is a multi-product commodity, efficient converter of solar energy large biomass production. Its energy plantation regulates pollution. However, cane productivity is stagnant for the past three decades primarily due to cultivation of came under marginal and sub marginal lands, moisture stress during formative phase in summer, extension of cane cultivation under rained conditions in north coastal zone, lodging of crop due to cyclonic storms and onslaught/incidence of insect pests and diseases.

    Selection of situation specific varieties, adoption of improved management practices viz., thorough land preparation, selection of good quality seed, self treatment, timely planting, integrated use of organic, chemical and bio fertilizers, effective weed control through integration of cultural and chemical control measures, scheduling of irrigations according to crop requirement at different phenophases, adoption of moisture stress ameliorative measures, performing cultural operations in time, protecting the crop from lodging, timely harvesting, post harvest care to overcome the losses in yield and quality will aid in improving cane productivity.

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