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Visitors Book

Inaugural Messages
on the eve of launching of the website

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Message from Dr.A.PadmaRaju,
Director Of Research,ANGRAU.

      Information Technology at present can be taken as a measure for a country status in development. India is an agricultural based country. Various aspects such as agricultural veterinary, medical, economic and social aspects play a key role in rural development.Thousands of researchers in those fields are striving hard in developing models to the day to day problems of the common people.

      By digitizing the millions of findings of the scientists in the above fields, we can effectively take them in to the vicinity of the people living in remote villages,so that they can actually use them for better quality and more quantity in agricultural production. For example a comprehensive analysis on the various aspects regarding the crops like chilles,cotton and oil seeds is essential for the appropriate crop selection for the current year.

      Inernet in the modern world, which means come up very well in just 4 years, at present connects all the nooks and corners of the world and provides a large amount of information in some specified areas.

       The website www.indiakisan.net is designed to provide technical information and advice to the farmers in remote villages through the internet, regarding the choice of proper crop and seeds for farming, remedies for the plant diseases and pests, if any, irrigation managements ,the various facilities available to the farmers etc. This website is designed user friendly.

      The website not only gives advice to the farmers directly but also helps the scientific community to enrich their knowledge through its features like mail, chat, discussion forum and online journal for research for research articles etc.

      The service Agro-market is intended to provide the availability of the major agricultural products together with its prices. With this both the seller and buyer gets benefited.I congratulate the team for this novel venture.

Message from Dr.S.Raghu Vardhan Reddy
Vice-Chancellor, ANGR Agricultural University.

      Information Technology plays an important role in Rural Development. Scientists, Administrators and Farmers worked together to bring the Green Revolution in India and made the country self sufficient in food production. In the process thousands of new varieties were invented in crop production, new fertilizers and pesticides were discovered to control the pest and disease management for the crops. The Scientific community at large and the Agriculture Scientists in particular are striving hard to take the millions of findings in the field of Agriculture within the reach of farmers to increase their crop production, so that Mahatma Gandhi's dream of Grama Swaraj may be made into a reality.

      Internet is the vast collection of Computer networks which forms and acts as a single huge network, joining many Governments, Universities and Computers for the transport of data and messages across the distance all over the World. The first network of network ARPA net was introduced by BBN in 1968 for the Defence Advanced Research Project Agency.The World Wide Web (www) was invented by Berners Lee in 1991, which includes a symbol browsing a web server software and a Library of essential functions. With the introduction of Hyper Text Mark-up language (HTML), the internet has revolutionized the Computer and Communication World. In fact to attract 50 million people Radio devices took about 38 years,TV device about 13 years but the internet just 4 years. At present 233 million hosts, 40 million domain names and 1000 million users are using the web-services.

      Due to the foresight and efforts of the leaders Smt.Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and others, communication has become the integral part of the current Society. Through the introduction of Rajivnet, every village is going to be connected with a Fiber Optic Medium. In this context we would like to integrate the Agriculture Science with Computer and Information Technology to serve the farming community in the remote villages effectively. To transform this noble theoretical idea into practice it was decided by our Scientists to prepare a web portal www.indiakisan.net as a humble beginning.

      The website www.indiakisan.net will not only help the farming community but also assist the Agricultural Scientists themselves to enrich their knowledge and to produce new findings in the field of Crop production. This website provides right and timely guidance to the farmers on crop selection, seed selection, fertilizers, disease and disaster management. Economic well being of farmers is going to become better due to the Agro-market advice facility provided in the website and thereby the standard of living of the farmers shall increase. The current burning problem of suicides and suicide attempts by the farmers which is dismal in any economy can be averted to a larger extent and bring down the miseries of the farming community. The Online Journal Service provided in the website shall give scope to the Agricultural Scientists to publish their findings and share their experiences with others. The Web Directory Service provided in the website helps us to know about the experts in the various fields and correspond them for their expert advice. Fertilizer Industry can also utilize this website by publishing their products as advertisements in the website. The service Equipment/Implements can be used by the farmers to know the latest equipment and implements which are available in the market. The service Software Tools can be utilized by the Scientists to analyze the data collected by them in various experiments. At present, the website is designed to provide interaction through English Language. It is proposed to provide interaction through Telugu and other regional languages in the next phase of the project.

Message from Prof.M.S.Prasad Babu
CS & SE Dept, Andhra University.

      Hon'ble Chief guest Dr. Margalarai garu, Respected Vice-Chancellors Dr. Ragahuvardhana Reddy garu and Prof. Venu gopala Reddy garu (in-absentia). Beloved Director of Research Dr. Padma Raju garu, our beloved dean and my close friend Prof.M.Satyannarayana garu, other dignitaries off the dais fellow scientists, students and press. I feel it as a great honor to stand before you in this temple city and my eyes are wetting and my tongue is drying with Joy as my dream is coming to a reality. This is the second time I am getting this situation. The first one is when I took young scientist award from the hands of Shri Rajiv Gandhi on the same platform, on which Smt. Indira Gandhi awarded posthumously for her contributions to Natural Sciences.

      There are three visions influenced me to associate with this project, who are having a common feature.
1. Mahatma Gandhi - For his vision of Grama Swaraj
2. Bharatharatna Smt Indira Gandhi - For her vision on the Green Revolution
3. Bharatharatna Shri Rajiv Gandhi - For his vision on the use of Computer        Technology.

      Shri Rajiv Gandhi appealed to the Indian Scientific community on 7-1-1986 at 73rd Indian Science Congress at Talkotora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi as "The Scientist of India, should reach for the ways and means to bring the Indian Science and Technology within the reach of a common man".

      I have sent a proposal in that direction 20 years ago and another proposal 10 years ago. Mr. Anuj Sinha of DST and Shri G. Vijayakumar of Department of Information Technology are the witness for those proposals. I am now bringing this proposal of "Agriculture advice on the web". to you sir.

      Dr. Padmaraju garu is the man, who inspired me, guided me and helping to do this venture of combining the Information Technology with Agriculture. Both the fields are more are less number one in the current situations. Information Technology people want to bring Internet-II Agriculture people wants green revolution - II. Both can be achieved if the interact each other like a wife and husband. We feel that we must be the first in that direction. Dr. Bharathalakshmi, Dr. Raji Reddy and Dr. Prabhu Prasadini and 20 of my students are continuously helping me in this endeavor. Here I would like to mention that one student who developed the model system sugarcane information and advisory system got a job of Rs 4.0 Lakhs/annum after submitting the project to me. He is now working in Bangalore.

      We are well aware that this is the only beginning not the end and we have done only an iota of the work when compared to the work to be done. But I profoundly say that in terms of the man-power and human brain, this model work costs a few crores of rupees. (but we have not spent any pie for it so far) and costs a few hundreds and thousands of crores to continue and implement them.

Message from Dr. Mangala Rai
Director General, ICAR

      I congratulate the AndhraUniversity and ANGR Agricultural University to their collaborative effort of openining the website www.indiakisan.net in the Internet. Now it is the responsibility of the agricultural faternety to provide information to update the website to serve the common people at remote villages.

Message from Vice-Chancellor
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam

      It is indeed a great pleasure to learn that Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad and Andhra University, Visakhapatnam jointly worked to prepare the website www.indiakisan.net to advise the farming community living in remote villages. I hope this website can be used as a tool to help the farmers in providing the expert advise in various issues such as crop selection, fertilizer management, weed management, irrigation management and harvesting techniques etc., in their day to day activities. I congratulate the team on this occasion of launching the website at S.V.Agricultural College, Tirupathi on 3rd June 2005.

      Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University and Andhra University shall work together in future also in such activities and stand as a model for Inter-University collaborations.

Message from Shri. Anuj Sinha
Head, Science & Communication Division, DST, New Delhi.

      There is a lot of potential for utilizing developments because of Information Technology in areas which directly impinge on the life of the common man.

      The website is one significant step in this direction; small farmers would be developing capacity for improved decision making with the guided support available from this website. It is true empowerment both the designers and the users, full compliments for this unique initiative and several planners and policy makers will keenly observing the impact of this experiment on livelihood of target population. I have confidence that several lessons will be learnt in the process.
Best wishes for its success.

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