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Food, cloth and shelter are the fundamental needs of the human beings. Agriculture is the one of the important activity for proving food and clothing for the mankind. Due to various revolutions such as Green Revolution, White Revolution, Red Revolution,Yellow Revolution the country is able to produce its food to the present needs as well as immediate future needs. But there are several hunger deaths and farmer suicides along the globe.

                   Analyzing the problems associated with above in grass root level, an attempt has been made to inteegrate internet technology with agricultural science to bring the millions of findings of the agriculture scientists developed in the agricultural universities & research institutes with in the reach of common man., those who are living in rural areas, effeciently. A web portal www.indiakisan.net was developed by a team of experts under the leadership of Prof. M.Surendra Prasad Babu, Professor & Head of the Department, C. S & S. E, Andhra University in collaboration with A. N. G. R Agriculture University. This website was launched in the internet on 3rd June, 2005 by Dr. Mangal Rai, D. G of I. C. A. R & Secretary of Agriculture, Government of India.

The web portal is first of its kind in the world containing the following features:

  • This web portal provides time to time agricultural advice to the farmers at their door steps regarding selection of suitable crops and crop varieties for cropping, soil analysis, fertilizer management, pest and disease control, irrigation management etc., in their cropping pattern. It also advises the farmers for contingency crop planning to prevent the hazards and the organics farming system to provide residues free crop product

  • The agrometry advisory system which is a part of the web portal will provide information to the farmers from time to time regarding the meteorological developments in the atmosphere well in advance to face a natural eventualities /calamities in an efficient way.

  • The marketing advisory system which is also a part of the website will help the farmers to know the prices of their produces in and around them so that they can take their products to these places for their better market price.

  • The web directory service and the discussion forum service provided in the website will help the scientific community in a greater way to interact each other to produce better findings in the agriculture field.

  • Provides the information about the expert scientists, specialization wise, available in the different parts of the country and mailing facility to the farmers for contacting them for on line agricultural advice.

  • Provides information about the various latest agricultural tools and implements, with their price & availability, so that farmers can buy them and use in their fields for the better productvity.

  • The Website provides online computational facilities to the agricultural scientists to analize their laboratory experiments (or on the fields)

  • Provides ba facility to establish an online journels for indian agricultural scientists to publish their articles.

  • Provides information about the Governmental schemes & facilities available to the farmers.

  • Provides a rich database in the area of agriculture and help the country to lead the developing world.

                  At present the website www.indiakisan.net developed by us is good model and it is now for the industry, governments, national and international funding agencies, philanthropists and other scientist are to come together for making the dreams of Mahatma Gandhiji ’s “Grama Swaraj”, Smt. Indiraji’s “Garibe Hatao” and Rajivi Gandhij ’s Modern 21st Century world’ into a reality.

Prof. M.S. Prasad Babu,
Website Development & Maintenance,
Head of the Department
Dept. of Computer Science & Systems Engg.,
College of Engineering,
Andhra University,
Visakhapatnam - 530 003
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Phone No. +91-0891-2844862
Mobile No.+91 9848056369
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