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SugareCane  Tobacco  Betelvine

Red gram  Bengal gram

        The idea of bringing out to help farmers ,extension workers and Scientist in identifying Insect Pests, Diseases and Nutritional Disorders of various Crops has been lingering for a very long period of time. An attempt has been made for the first time to introduce cropwise pictorial guide to help identifying these problems with the help of Advisory Expert Systems(AI) , on thorough internet- web site - developed by Andhra University & Acharya N.G.ranga Agricultural university.

      Dissemination of technology through an Expert System to the farmers at village level is the present day need for creating awareness among the farming community and to adapt to improved technologies for realizing higher yields.

      Basic information on the insect biology and morphology, diseases and nutritional disordersof 5 Crops–

     Sugarcane, Tobacco, Betelvine, Redgram, Bengalgram on Integration provided in simple and easily understandable language, since correct diagnosis is essential to take up effective management programme. The colour photos have been carefully selected to show details and enable easy identification.

    It is hoped that this identification bulletin will be useful in making decisions and managing field problems associated with Insects and Pests ,Diseases and Nutritional Disorders on making certain Queries with this proposed System " Integrated Pest and Diseases Management Expert Advisory System".



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