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Online Forums is a simple analogue for the help statement in window. It includes the frequently asked questions and answer for them. It includes a lots of cases from which a peasant choose where his problem is best suited.

In the case if a peasant doesn’t got any doubt cleared from the standard questions or help present in the page. He can post the message to advisory committee. Then they will answer you and help you for the queries.

Every new question posted here will be answered and this question will be added to the online forum list for further verification and for the use of others.

In such a way this will be very much useful for the people who browse it. They can give a perfect assistance ship to the farmers.

Please see whether the question you are about to post in the Forum is already present in FAQs section.

     Any type of User must be registered before browsing the facilities of Online Forum. Click here for getting Free Registration if he/she was not a member of Online Forum.

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